Edgewood Locker

Dates of Fundraiser: October 1st to October 26th

Fundraising Links

Fundraising Details for Parents

  • 90% for your team; 10% for organization
  • Collect Orders & Money between October 1st and 26th
  • See order form if arriving Frozen or Fresh
  • Turn in all order forms & money by placing in the Board Mailbox within the CRIA Office by 5pm on or before October 26th
  • If any questions on the Edgewood Locker Fundraiser, please contact Josh.

Meat Pickup Party

  • Wednesday, November 14th at 5-7pm at CRIA

Fundraising Wrap-Up

  • 8U - $84.15
  • 10U1 - $548.10
  • 10U2 - $349.20
  • 12U1 - $980.10
  • 12U2 - $359.55
  • 14U - $633.60

Questions on Delivery

Could the order be shipped if the customer is not local?

Yes it can be. Chrystal at Edgewood Locker confirmed. Here's her email follow up when asked, so you can see how she would handle this:

  • I would be happy to help with the shipping, but all of our products need to stay refrigerated or frozen.  They would have to be shipped out in a Styrofoam cooler with ice packs or dry ice depending on where they are being shipped to. The Styrofoam coolers range in price from $10.00 to $15.00. Dry ice is $1.50/lb on the starting weight. I use UPS for my shipping. UPS shipping is on Dimensional weight, so it is not cheap.

  • If you have a customer that would like their order shipped to them, can you email Staci to inquiry about how much the shipping would be? We will need to ask this before October 26th, so you can include everything with your final order.