50/50 Raffle


Once you've signed up:

  • Please get in touch with Nicole Blevins at 319-826-8020 so you know what you will need to do for the 50/50 Raffle on game night.

  • Nicole will help you with tickets into the game, as well as making sure you are aware of what is required that night.

To Get Started for the Evening:

  • Arrive by 545pm, as doors open at 6pm on game night

  • Have your RoughRider game ticket in hand to be scanned

  • Grab the 50/50 bag and tote and go set up the table

  • Keep track of number of tickets sold

  • Send 1 adult with 1-2 children to walk around the arena (could have one team go around one side, and another team go around the other side)

  • Use the neon signs to walk around the arena and up and down the stairs (please do not let the players bend the signs so we can keep using them for years to come)

  • Wait until play breaks to walk down the stairs and between the aisles

  • Don't forget to visit the suites (generally done during the 1st period, recommendation: within the first 10 minutes)

Pick the Winner!

  • Draw the ticket at the beginning of the 3rd period

  • Bring the ticket to the show announcer for them to write it down with amount being won

  • Have winner fill out the form with all the contact and winnings information

  • Split the winnings according to the policy and procedure

  • Put the RRHC (RoughRider Hockey Club) half in a sealed envelope with form

  • Your team's winnings will go to any RRHC Board Member before you leave for the evening

  • Money box should always have $15 left in it

Fundraising Wrap-Up

  • 8U - TBD
  • 10U1 - TBD
  • 10U2 - TBD
  • 12U1 - TBD
  • 12U2 - TBD
  • 14U - TBD
  • RRHC - TBD